Master UM for CMU students

1) Organization

Thai student involved in the CMU Master have to validate eight (8) academic units during the first year and succeed the thesis which takes place throughout the second year. The first year is composed of two semesters, each of them representing four (4) academics units (see Figure above).


In order to enable Thai students to obtain also the UM Master, the CMU Master will be completed by five (5) academic units made by UM lecturers at CMU during the first year. Two (2) academic units will be done during the first semester, two (2) academics units will be done during the second semester, and one (1) academic unit will be done during the summer session at the end of the first year. Also, during the second year, students can spend six (6) months in France and six (6) months in Thailand, or the entire year in Thailande for the Master thesis (see figure above).


2) Graduation

In order to be awarded with the UM Master’s degree, Thai students will have to obtain the overall of 120 ECTS/ 72 Thai Credits (TC) within the two years of the Master.

– During the first year, all courses take place at CMU and the students need to validate 100 ECTS Credit / 60 TC. The credits of the first year of the Master MSM will be composed of:

  • 45 ECTS/27 TC: transferred by compensation from the last year of the Bachelor. This is possible because the students already get 245 ECTS/147 TC (and not only 180 ECTS/108 TC as in French Bachelor) when they enter the French Master program and already complete in Bachelor many modules of UM’s Master MSM.
  • 25 ECTS/15 TC: delivered by UM lecturers
  • 30 ECTS/18 TC: delivered by CMU lecturers

– The second year of the Master is devoted to the professional thesis or equivalent. Two options are proposed to the students: (1) spend six months in France and six months in Thailand, or (2) spend the entire year in Thailande. At the end of the year, they will have to validate the 20 ECTS/12 TC. Both universities are in charge of the Master theses. Both French and Thai lecturers take part in Master theses examination and defense.

3) Proposed program


* The FdS courses are

            1) Discrete Element Method (DEM) and application to granular media

            2) Thermodynamics of Continuum Media and Constitutive Equations

            3) Variational Methods and Vibrations

            4) Mathematical methods in continuum Mechanics

            5) Bio-mechanics : this academic unit is composed of two teaching unit of 2.5 ECTS/1.5 Thai Credits

                       – Wood Mechanics.

                       – Human Mechanics.